Meet the Family

Now for the introductions in age order...

My Hero

Age: 47
Our hero and fearless Dadmeister; Chairman of the Fun Department; able to fight off ten children at once. A humble servant leader who washes the feet of our family.  A wise man who truly is a Man of Issachar understanding the times, and knowing what we should do. The highest praise I can give him is that I have never met a kinder, more Messiah-like person.

The Mommy 
 (Known as Julie in a former life.)
Age: younger than My Hero
The Wearer-of-Many-Hats, I am officially cast in the role of a Wife, Mom, Teacher, Camp Doctor and Chef. Unofficially, I am learning about a life of obedient trust in Yahweh and learning what it means to be an ezer k'negdo. I spend my days fearlessly fighting disorder, starvation and lawlessness. 

Miss Dashwood
Age: 18
Our thoroughly well-equipped first born. She is an emotionally stable, prudent young lady. She is steel and velvet, a little sassy and nothing seems to shake her tree. She loves reading, English gardens and cooking, frequently spoiling us with dessert. A sweet spirit who is always… always… singing - especially Les Mis. She is an Assistant Dance Leader in our Fellowship and a serious student of the Word.

Molly Gibson
Age: 16 1/2
Zany is the tamest of words to describe this lady ~ oh, what fun! She is the actress/comedienne of the family and relishes the role. Artistic and talented in any medium, she inspires us, especially with her sewing machine! Of course, she also makes us all laugh until stuff comes out our noses, but that is another matter. She does the producing and camera work for the teaching at our Shabbat Fellowship.

Javier Maganette 
(Yes, he made this name up himself.)
His spiritual gift involves duct tape and making things work. Builds furniture with old pallets and creates welding projects with reclaimed metal. Likes clothes, hates hair products. Mentally the twin of Molly Gibson, his older sister - these two track on the same wavelength of humor and fun. The interplay between these two is why I never get anything done. Likes chick flicks (but won't admit it) and sword fighting. Very well-rounded. Can go from splitting wood to comforting a little sister and back again.

This guy is our family forager, Euell Gibbons Jr. We look at an empty field and see weeds, he sees dinner. He is becoming quite adept at identifying wild plants and herbs for food and medicine. Excellent woodcarver. Lives in army boots. Self-taught gardener. I always know where to find any of our homesteading books...on his bed.  I feel pretty sure this guy will keep us all alive one day. He has a very dry sense of humor, and for those on their toes, he keeps them in stitches.

The Question Man...always thinking, always asking. He's at that age of incessant randomality, so sometimes the questions are straight out of left field, (but at least he asks). An auditory learner, he makes sounds constantly and quotes Shakespeare, Jane Austen and The Importance of Being Earnest ad nauseum.  Loves to build forts, hates to clean the kitchen. Does his own laundry, so I cut him some slack.

This is our "Little Momma" whose self-appointed job is to keep her three younger sisters in check. She's a reading wonder, a wildflower picking expert, and never met a critter she didn't adore. Likes spontaneous snuggle parties. In the Family Room. With all Mom's bed pillows. Bike rider extraordinaire, expert mud pie baker, beginning seamstress...she's a girl of many talents. 

Belle Belle
Age: 6
Loves to write letters and put mail in my homemade mailbox. Social butterfly, loves hospitality and 'company'. Full of great ideas for excursions, picnics and celebrations. Will play dress-up or tea party at the drop of a hat. Loves to have her toenails painted.  Never met an empty cardboard box she couldn't redesign into a playhouse. Silly. Girly. Wonderful.

Age: 4 1/2
Curly-haired, sparkly-eyed, comedic. Understands humor far beyond her years. Likes me to look straight. into. her. eyes. when talking. Holds my hand at naptime. Likes to talk about Yahweh at random times. Sings the Four Questions in Hebrew. Always eats her dinner, but breakfast not so much. Fearlessly goes into dark rooms without the light on.

Age: 4 1/2 (twin sister of Tzitzalini)
Grinning, dimple-cheeked and squirmy.  Loves Mom to watch her ride her bike down the hill. Thinks spaghetti made from play dough is amazing stuff. Loves to do Hebraic Dance. Knows all the words to worship songs. Doesn't like to write 'm'. Never wears matching socks. Loves me best when I have kefir popsicles in the house.
Age: 10 months
The yummiest thing to hit this family, ever! This girl was born into a Fan-Club-posing-as-a-family. She is very laid back and is enamored with all siblings that can pick her up so she can see. She is fat, happy and spoiled in all the most delightful ways! We are enjoying loving on her and following her around all day. She points to what she wants, and at any given moment, four of us jump to obey. Makes me wonder how a child in small family can get enough attention.