Sunday, September 3, 2006

Our Newest Bundle Has Arrived!

The moment I have been waiting for has come! Our newest Little One has arrived, and we couldn't be more blessed:

Babydoll 9-03-2006

Newly born Friday afternoon, and already we can't remember

life without her (nor would we care to).

Babydoll was almost a pound heavier (8lb. 6oz.) than my previous heaviest baby.  Since I didn't gain any extra weight, the midwife attributes it to the dietary changes I made this pregnancy. Fascinating stuff-but more on that later. Stay tuned-especially if you're interested in the Nourishing Traditions approach to healthy eating.

I'm gonna take a blogging break, but I'll be back. I can't let these days and nights of exhausted ecstasy pass without soaking up all that wonderful baby smell, as well as all the coos and cuddles I possibly can.

P.S. After a bit of research, we were able to determine the identity of that dark substance on her head. Having never witnessed it on any of our babies before, we were a little taken aback. But the verdict is in: It's hair.

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