Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When A Door Opens

Change is in the air. The grass is reappearing, leaves are budding, and the apple trees are in bloom. Although in some years the transformation  is more profound than others, this change never fails to come. He has promised that His seasons will remain. Spring in all its brilliancy will always displace the dark monotony of winter, and His timing is always perfect.

This has been a particularly long winter for our family. While seeming tiring and tedious to our flesh, from a spiritual perspective it's conclusion comes not a moment too soon, nor a moment too late.  I know this because I know Him who has directed this season for His glory and my good. Mr. Visionary and I have endured a season of darkness this winter longer and quieter than any before. We have endeavored to leave off the scratching and striving of making our own way, for the seeking and searching involved in discovering His way for us. Claiming the promise that if we seek Him diligently, we will find Him, we were looking for the answer to the question that many have asked, "What's next after selling the farm?" We began the process of getting the farm ready to sell, in faith, not knowing what lay ahead.

The fog appears to be clearing for us. As the scales on our eyes are being removed layer by layer, several dreams and callings which had heretofore appeared unrelated are meshing into a picture. Just as many broken pieces are fit together by a skilled artist to form a beautiful mosaic, Father is piecing a mosaic in our life as well.  Our experiences, our trials and testings, our growth, our obedience (or lack thereof), and our desire to please and obey Him have all been used to bring us to this point of being prepared to hear His will for us in the next season.

For several years now, our family has been feeling led to the mission field. At first I attempted to logically decipher the most practical destination for us in the field: I love sweet potatoes, barefooted children, and farming, and I was (once) fluent in French ~ French speaking Africa seemed tenable. It was a perfect match on the surface. As a matter of fact, I spent many hours as a newly-saved teenager studying Africa, and longing to be sent there. But, we believe that He would not send us somewhere that would contradict His other clear instructions. In order to be obedient to Father,  our family would have to minister together, so no boarding-school-Mom-and-Dad-working-separate-ministry-jobs positions. Many opportunities have presented themselves, but none that would meet our convictions about the family ministering as the unit He designed. So we waited ~ trusting that if it was His will, then the perfect door would open.

A door has opened. We have opportunity, desire in the Spirit, a trembling in the flesh, and a few steps that we can take now as we await confirmation of His will. There are many issues that Father will have to work out for us, if He desires for us to pursue this work. We will need help to get the farm on the market in a timely manner, as, in the flesh, it appears to be too much for just Mr. Visionary, the children and me to accomplish.  If this part works out, it will definitely be confirmation. At this point, we feel led to look into a different foreign language curriculum, continue to purge belongings, sell anything that is not bolted down, and acquire passports for every member of our family.

Never has walking in the Spirit been so necessary, or praying without ceasing so natural. We covet your prayers as we seek further confirmation of His will.

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