Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Encouraging News

There are many factors to which I could attribute the good news: a healthy diet, plenty of rest, good hydration, those wonderful homemade vitamins, the blessing of midwifery care, or a host of other miscellaneous factors. My heart tells me, however that there is only one factor in the end. Yahweh has been merciful to me, and His grace is abundant.

Yesterday's ultrasound showed that our babies are 5lb 3oz, and 6lb 6 oz at 34.5 weeks. Do the math if you would like, or take my word that it is a lot of baby to be carrying around. At this stage, they usually put on about a half pound per week each, but I'm trying not to think of all that. Add in the extra two pounds for two placentas, and I don't wonder at my being so tired... or my walking like a duck... a barefooted duck on sharp gravel, even.

I am weary of waiting, but eager to have these babies "cook" as long as possible. When I am exhausted, and wanting labor to begin (but feeling guilty because it is too soon), the only comfort I have is knowing with a certainty that Yahweh is in control. I was reminded of this anew last night, as my sister in law was rushed to the hospital for an emergency c-section because of toxemia. He declared the end from the beginning, and He himself knit these little ones together in my womb.

The timing is all His. I was sure last night that I would have accidentally started labor because of stress, but it was not to be. You see, as I was resting, and looking out the window, a full sized black bear just walked by my window. While my boys were outside playing in the yard. I ran to the door, screamed for the boys, then almost fainted when they walked casually in mentioning that the bear was only 12 feet from them.

I don't have a lot of experience with bears (read that NONE), and never thought I'd need it where we live (we are not that rural, you know). But, as a shameless plug for homeschooling, my kids educated me after the fact that black bears aren't dangerous if you just stay out of their way. They found this out on their own just from reading all the field guides we have laying around. If they were in "school" all day, they never would have had time to educate themselves or their Mom on this important matter.

So, let the record show that I can now scratch off of the list black bears walking through the front yard as a possible means of starting labor. Now we know.

I'll keep you posted on any new developments... or anything else we can scratch off said list.
Summer 2008 052
My sister in law & Me comparing belly sizes. She was 36 weeks here, and I was 32 weeks.

Bill & Tracy, Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl! You done good, Momma!


  1. Julie, my beautiful FRIEND! Look at you, just alive with BABIES! :) YAY! Oh, I am just so proud of you and thankful for you to have made it this far!

    I can not even imagine carrying twins - so I am in awe. :)

  2. Julie,

    Wow...congrats on such big babies. I know the weary feeling you are experiencing. Our twins were born at 37.5 weeks and weighed 6-3 and 6-11, I was measuring a little more than 53 cm. A lot of baby and a lot of belly. I pray that the Lord allows your babes to 'cook' as long as possible. It sounds like they will be bigger than ours were. Good luck!


  3. Hi :) A friend of mine just pointed me in the direction of your blog to read about your bear experience *grin* We just finished having a regular bear visit us, but he started to destroy things and get a wee bit to close to our house like looking in the windows! So we had the conservation officers bring a bear trap and we got to witness the entire event. Very exciting to say the least :)
    Congratulations on the babies!!

  4. I pray you will have a safe rest of the way and delivery with your twins. While I have never had twins personally, I have had two babies over 11# and two in the 10# range so I can almost say I empathize with you. I will however pray that you don't go two weeks late with your twins the way I did with my big babies!

  5. Wonderful news!! I'm glad that the boys were already educated about the bear and that they didn't fear, but as a Mom it'd be nice to know that they were a little concerend. :) Shalom spent the night alone out at the pond last night and was trying to identify what kind of animal was sharing the island with him by relating to me the sounds he was hearing. LOL

    Congratulations to your extended family as well on the birth of a healthy baby girl. How fun that the twins will have a cousin the same age as they are. :)

    The Father's hand has been on you and your family. May He continue to give you health, strength and courage as you complete the last season of pregnancy with these little precious ones.

    Blessings ~

  6. That is wonderful news, Julie. Are they an active pair? Are you getting kicked a lot to boot? You look great, and you are almost there. Soon this will be over and you'll get to see your new babies.

    Also, that black bear would have given me a heart attack!! I get worried sometimes when we are in the woods that we might meet a bear or mountain lion... My days of believing that wild animals were an invention of Disney are over! I don't like them!!


  7. I am SO HAPPY you posted an update!

    And the story about the bear. WOW.
    I would have been utterly terrified!!!

    I love hearing about your family Julie, I can hardly wait to read the post where you introduce these little miracles to the world!

    But I *can* wait...really...take your time!

  8. Your sister in law looks beautiful! Thanking Yahweh that He is in control of her pregnancy, and emergency c- section as well as yours. :)

  9. You're almost there, Julie! Are you to the point where you get out of bed to switch sides instead of rolling over? Lol! Thank you for updating us!

  10. oldpathsfamilyfarmJuly 27, 2008 at 2:09 PM


    So you're saying I'm not the only one who has had to do this? It really is comical how difficult it is to maneuver around this big 'ol belly. I sometimes laugh myself to the potty over how ridiculous I look.

    Ahh... this too shall pass. I hope I remember enough of it. :)

  11. Hello, Can you tell us a little about your maternity blouse? Did you make it? Or where did you purchase it? It's hard to find nice, conservative maternity clothes, and I've made some of my own, but even good patterns are hard to find. Thanks ;o)

  12. Yes, your blouse is sweet. It really IS hard to find modest maternity clothes.

  13. oldpathsfamilyfarmAugust 4, 2008 at 10:05 AM

    Melissa & Krista,

    Sorry... this question about the maternity dress slipped by me.

    It is homemade... the pattern is McCall's #M4472.

    It can be a top or a dress. I made this dress from it, but about 16" longer than the pattern. It has worked great, because with the wrap-around, it has fit well from the early stages til now, when it is only one of two outfits that still fit.

  14. Thanks Julie! You did a great job with your dress.

  15. Hi Julie,
    Oh you look great! I don't think I looked that good with just one baby - and great news about them being so big and near term already! Praise Yahweh! I never had twins, but both our babes came 2.5 wks. early and each were 6 lbs. even - your pregnancy is truly remarkable!

    Sorry for the long absence, I think I'm back now! I so far behind on everything - will have to catch up with you some more later.
    Blessings & ((Hugs))


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