Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wee Ones Comment on Obama

I talk a lot. When you walk a Deuteronomy 6 lifestyle, it is part of the raising children package. Life is school, and as such it is a constant barrage of questions, answers and explanations. Sometimes, though, it is interesting to get the childrens' take on what they have 'heard' during these discussions.

This morning we were discussing Obama's election again, as we have discussed little else since election day. Every topic we land upon seems to bring up the dangers of this administration. Studying Ishmael, our bible lessons bring up his name; Math lessons morph into a discussion of taxation, which morphs into a discussion of Obama; checking email, with Mercola's mention of families who homeschool to avoid mandatory immunizations brings up Obama's name, even phonics lessons involve 'The One' this one:
"No, no, Buddy, it is a long O."

"Oh, you mean like O-bama?"

(Mom rolling eyes and sighing) "Yes, Bub, like Obama."

The only other topic that has been so popular lately is the subject of immunity. We have been in a season of actively building our immune systems, discussing how dangerous it is to have them weakened and generally thinking healthy thoughts. My intention with some of these talks has been to motivate my Littles to take their cod liver oil and elderberry syrup, but it appears that the danger mentioned in one discussion and the danger mentioned in the other have melded in their young minds into a whole new form of evil.

This morning at breakfast, toward the end of another Obama talk, and during the dispensing of the aforementioned cod liver oil and elderberry syrup, our seven-year-old 'Napoleon' added in all the sincerity of a wee one,

"Yeah, and Obama  has a poor immune system, too!"

Not to be out-done, four-year-old Doodle added a comment, (the censure of which possibly only my 'Messianic' friends will totally understand and appreciate),

"And I bet he eats Kosher pork!"

Interestingly enough, their Mother did not correct either of them.


  1. I love the innocence of children's comments. They have a way of netting things out so succinctly and getting right to the heart of an issue.

    Nice to see you blogging again. I hope all is well with the babies and the business in your home. And I pray that the joy and rejoicing of Yeshua surrounds you in all that you do today.

  2. Your children sound adorable. :)
    They seem lucky to have a mom like you.

    Could you share more about the benefits of cod liver oil? I've heard some things about it, but not enough. I know I can google it, too. I just like the perspective another MOM can give it. ;)

  3. Sharon~

    Cool that you asked about cod liver oil... I have been doing more research about it lately anyway. My experience is this:

    -it helped cure my kids of asthma
    -it helped cure my kids of ezcema

    Also, the newest thing I have been studying is how it will can help one's immunity to the flu!!!!

    Some researchers wondered why flu outbreaks were seasonal - why folks get them in the winter almost exclusively and why countries at the same latitudes have flu outbreaks at exactly the same time.

    What they found?

    Flu outbreaks are directly proportional to lowered vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is produced in our bodies from direct sunlight, hence, when winter comes, and it is too cold to be outside, our vitamin D levels drop drastically. Well, cod liver oil is *loaded* with vitamin D! You can find out a lot more about it on Mercola.com.

    The flavored stuff is easy to get even my Littles to take. We get lemon-mint from Garden of Life.

    I hope that helps!


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