Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Chair Treatment

My middle son has been reincarnated. Well, at least his personality has. It has appeared in  the form of his younger sister who is currently at the ripe old age of two and a half. What these siblings have in common is their tendency to be stormy toddlers. You know the ones: grouchy, easily offended, with hot little tempers.

Of course everyone can be like this at times. We come by it honestly, being the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve that we are. Gratefully, sanctification can deal a death blow to the majority of it for those of us older folks. Toddlers do not have the ability to deal with it effectively, however, at least not without some training. Enter Mom and Dad.

As I have prayed recently about our feisty Doodle, and how the Lord would have me handle her outbursts, I suddenly remembered. I have been through this before! Why I had not recollected it sooner, I cannot say. I would need to use the old standby, the Chair Treatment.

As a toddler, when The Dreamer had an episode of "losing it", the only cure was to pick him up (kicking and screaming if necessary), take him to the rocking chair, and rock him until he melted. The amount of time it took to get our happy little boy back varied, but the plan never failed. Eventually he would be a good-humored, happy-go-lucky little guy again.

We have recently taken up this practice successfully with the Doodle, and are likewise experiencing  foolproof results:


It appears to work for The Daddy, too.

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