Tuesday, July 4, 2006

A Childhood Rite of Passage?

I am not buying it. Pressure or no pressure, it is not what is best for my family. It matters not to me how cute the crafts , how godly the curriculum, or who else is doing it. My kids are not going to Vacation Bible School. ( I can hear the gasps.)

I know it is not a popular opinion, but it truly should not be a surprise. Should it? I mean really. Our children do not go to Sunday School, and have always been with Mom and Dad in the church service. Oh yeah, and we homeschool.

I do not believe there is anything inherently righteous in our practice, only that it is simpler and safer. This is one of those, "If you want something done right, do it yourself" type areas. If Mr. Visionary and I are the ones who must answer to God for the training and instruction of my kids (and we are), then we will do it ourselves. It is not prideful, it is cautious-my kids are young.

Besides, it is totally inefficient. By the time I get everyone ready with matching shoes and combed hair, drive into town in our gas guzzler, get everyone unloaded and into the appropriate classrooms...just once, I could have taught the entire week's VBS lessons myself. And did the cute crafts. And had juice and cookies. For me, this just does not fit with my ideas of what redeeming the time looks like.

I have recently heard a talk that reminded and cemented for us the importance of teaching our own-and the consequences if we do not. The stakes are high. Here is a link to a sermon (Voddie Baucham "Closing The Generation Gap") that was a last-minute pinch-hit for another pastor who was unable to speak. I am certain that had they known the content of his message beforehand, he wouldn't have made it to the pulpit. It is controversial, but deep, simple... and based solely on God's Word.

Disclaimer: This talk I can sanction, but I have not heard enough of Voddie Baucham's other messages to recommend him outright.

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