Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Kind of Excitement

I perhaps should have been a bit more specific in my prayers for labor to start.  Although this morning was a little too much excitement for me, the kids had a wonderful time.

I awoke to find tree guys from the power company limbing branches inside our second cow pasture. Concerned about
this particular cow, who is a little flighty, I called Mr. Visionary asking if we should put her temporarily in another pasture. He assured me that my nine-month pregnant self would not have to chase the cow, as the tree guys were "old country boys" and would be very careful and not let her get out.

Fast forward: an hour later, we finished chasing the cow from the neighbor's hay almost 1/2 mile away, and got Miss Millie safely in pasture once again. So the schedule for the day has now been tossed, but there have been a few serendipities:

  1. I got two truckloads of mulch out of the tree guys for free.

  2. We got our outside time in before it got too hot.

  3. The kids had been looking for some excitement, and now they've had some.

  4. This may be a new way to start labor. ( I wonder if I can patent it?)

My kind of excitement doesn't involve chasing cows, but when things settled down some, and I checked e-mail, I found something more my speed from our Homestead Blog.

Thanks HomesteadBlogger! And thanks to the tree guys, too.

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