Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More On Traveling Light

I can't help but notice, as Cheri did in the comments yesterday, that Father is developing a recurring theme in His people, and wanted to share a post by my friend Carla Lynne. Her family is further along this purging and refining journey that Father is helping our family along, and I count it a blessing to follow along the trail she is treading. Carla Lynne and her family have embarked on a journey of which many of us have dreamed, especially on the hard days.

You will be blessed by her family's mission, even if you could never imagine yourself called in a similar manner. She will be chronicling their journey (which has already begun) to their Promised Land on her blog. Visit her here: Carla Lynne's Lightening The Load (Part One), and be blessed. But grab a tissue, and be prepared...I was weeping by the end.


  1. I went over and read the article...Excellent!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my new webpage :) I have enjoyed yours so much, and now am enjoying Carla Lynn's as well!

    We have moved so many times and decluttered sooo much, I am still amazed that we have so much stuff! We had a 40ft container of furniture at my in-laws farm and a 20ft container of STUFF arriving any day now! I wonder if I really "need" it all! I will soon find out when it arrives .... :)

    Keep sharing about all these things and motivating us :)



  3. What a great post. Thanks for linking it! :) Can't wait to read the rest!


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