Thursday, June 7, 2007

When It “Clicks”

As we were re-assessing the boys' belongings in their room this morning I heard The Engineer say this as he was picking up approximately 2000 colored pencils that had been dumped on the floor:

"Hey Mom, I want to do what your friend in the covered wagons was doing. I want to say, 'Is this a want or a need?' just like they did."

Music to a downsizing Mom's ears.


  1. Them there is great words to hear... and I have not grown tired of hearing it.

    Went to town this week, to get supplies and pick the strawberries, and each purchase was put under the microscope. No extras. Just necessities. If one child was requesting this, another became his brother's keeper...

    ... are you sure you're not splurging?
    ... do you really need that or just want it?
    ... do you think we could shop around and save for that?

    It was one of the best shopping trips I've ever taken....

    Thanks for the wave hello's... now looking foward to you and Phil's insights. Can't wait to hear back from you both!

    May you and your family have a most blessed day of rest!

    Shavu'a Tov,

    Carla Lynne :)

  2. That is wonderful!
    I'm hearing similar wondrous things here.

    Yesterday, my Rivergirl announced that overall she doesn't want to keep anything except her sewing, her dolls, and her books and music and scrapbook supplies. That eliminates a lot of stuff!

    My oldest son (17yo) had already started pruning away unnecessary weights last year. He is down to mostly wanting to keep his books, guitar and related items and cds...

    The 3 little ones will hopefully grow up with a different mentality altogether. After this past week of my work (with my daughters help) they basically just have some blocks, balls, cars and dolls and a few outside toys. I love getting down to the basics and living without all the weight. I can't wait to finish this round! I grew up like's like coming home!

  3. oldpathsfamilyfarmJune 9, 2007 at 8:52 AM

    Carla~ Hold tight, M'Lady! I am in the process of writing an e-mail to you now!What an exciting ride Father has us all on!

    Deborah ~ How DID you grow up? On the mission field,in the military, or just in a family that was good at being pared-down? Have you posted about how it was when you were growing up? I'd love to hear!

  4. Where are those attic pictures? :)

    Happy simplifying, Julie!

    (I'm also waiting patiently for Carla Lynne's second installation...)


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