Friday, August 31, 2007

Demolishing Strongholds

Have you ever had one of those moments, spiritually, when you realize that a corner has been turned, that you have reached a place of 'no going back'? Conversely, have you ever felt that you were banging your head against a wall, so caught in the same cycle of sin that you just can't get past? I have never experienced another situation as freeing and exciting as the former or as crushing and debilitating as the latter. This past Winter, after praying for a breakthrough in certain patterns of my same sinful reactions, and crying out for deliverance from what I thought was myself, the Father answered in (as usual) an unexpected way. I found later that Mr. Visionary had been doing his own business with Father, and was looking for the same answers I had been.

Remember the New Year's flu at our house? (If you were here, you would never be able to forget it. *grin*) During that season, Father was doing a deep work in our family. As Mr. Visionary laid together on the floor in the family room, we couldn't move, but we could listen to audio files from the computer. Would we have found this if we were not laid out with illness? I cannot say. But I know this ~ that Father used this time to minister much to us. I can only say that the teaching we found (an the application thereof) was nothing less than life changing (and I truly do not use that term frivolously). If you have ever been frustrated with your own sin, or been in a place where someone you love is frustrated with your sin (especially if you just do not "see" the sin of it), trust me when I tell you that you would be blessed by this teaching. This is not a teaching that will beat you up and rub sin in your face and sentences you to a life of navel-gazing (I have had enough of that, thank-you-very-much), but it actually gives you tools ~ practical help ~ to combat it. Never have Mr. Visionary and I been so much on the same page as we have since completing this study. Never.

Mike and Sue Dowgiewicz, the teachers we found, are a couple who each have the gift of teaching. They live by donations alone, and do not charge for any of their material ~ you can't use that as an excuse. :) (I do not know this family personally, and have no vested interest in their receiving finances or attention in any way. ) We originally found them as we were searching for information about church structure, as our church is in the middle of restructuring now. Their teaching called Restoring The Early Church is rich, and also changed our personal life (it has more than just church structure), but the one that I want you to start with is called Demolishing Strongholds.

Demolishing Strongholds
~ on video files ~ this is best tried only if you have high-speed internet access

Demolishing Strongholds
~ audio files ~ Click on MP3 Audio Files to just listen to them online, or to save, and listen from your own computer files

Demolishing Strongholds ~ PDF file workbook ~ with word-for-word teaching from the video and audio files. (You will need to print some of pages 36-65 from this anyway, even if you just watch or listen. I know it is a lot to print, but it is worth it. You could also just buy the workbook from them for $7.)

Whatever you do, don't just read this and walk away! How do you know that your reading this post is not a divine appointment, that this is exactly the thing Father has for you? You cannot say for sure, so pray, and be led by His Spirit. Husbands (because I know many wives grab their husbands and say, "You have to read this", sometimes. I'm that woman, too), if your wife is asking you about doing this, please humor her. Even if reading or doing something spiritual with your wife is a foreign idea to you, please consider going through this teaching together. Mr. Visionary respects Mike Dowgiewicz tremendously, and highly recommends his teaching. We truly believe you would respect him as well.

Now, a large disclaimer: I do not ever, ever want you to take some teacher's word for something. Always be a Berean ~ always do your homework! Always take Scripture in the context of the whole Bible ~ verses yanked out of their normal context are always wrong. Get out your Bible, a notebook, and study this teaching. Scrutinize it under the light of HIS WORD, not man's teaching, not emotions, etc. Check out what they say, don't just believe what they say. Own what you believe ~ don't just believe what you're told. We each will stand alone before the Father, with no man-made doctrines to stand on.

I would be interested in chatting with anyone who goes through this teaching and actually finishes it. Let me know, OK?


  1. You recommended this to me a few months ago and I did appreciate it. I was going to write a blog entry on it as well, but I haven't gotten to it yet. *sigh* DH has started it but we have discovered that he is dyslexic in recent weeks (which explains a WHOLE lot!) so he hasn't gotten too far into it, as I had expected. Maybe the audio files might be a better idea if I can get my dial-up to cooperate.

    It's good to see you back. :)

    Blessings ~

  2. Dear Julie,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I did buy the workbook but have been finishing up a couple others before starting it. To tell you the truth, I don't think anyone I know will take it seriously along with me, so I feel pretty alone in it all. I know that the spirit of deception has been affecting my life but I cannot clearly see what I need to change and how. Please pray for me as often feel very lonely in my spiritual walk and so very hungry for knowing God better and how He would have me to live.
    I have been reading so many new things that I feel a bit overwhelmed at times! It is exciting to be growing in understanding, but sometimes I find it difficult to be discerning and know with certainty what God is trying to impress upon me.
    I am interested in hearing part one of the Freedom in Christ series. I don't know if awareness of the spiritual realm would be helpful to me or if I would be better off simply knowing what is in the Bible and not burdening my soul with such things. Have you listened to it and did you feel you gained a lot of good insight through it?
    I have some other thoughts, esp about the restoration of the Early Church,and I was hoping maybe we could chat about that someday.
    I look forward to learning and growing and am encouraged by your blog.

  3. Julie - I am so glad you posted a link to this resource on your blog. I have been spending MONTHS in utter frustration (maybe longer - seems like forever) I feel like something is wrong with me because the "church" thing seems so empty to me, and then feeling guilty over that! Thank you for a cool drink of water for a thirsty soul.

  4. Lisa~
    I hope the dial up works for the downloads...if not, you could always buy MP3's from them. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think they are much. Better yet, let me know and I can mail you a copy...they encourage folks to copy and share their material.

    Sweetie, even if no one else does it with you...I promise it is worth doing. I found a lot of areas I could pray for folks I loved in - things I never knew I could pray about FOR someone else. That loneliness and hunger you are feeling are the beginning of something big that Father wants to do with and in you. It is a hard but good place to be...just keep seeking Him. Pray for discernment about one area at a time that He wants you to focus on to help with the overwhelmed feeling. He'll show you. He will. I'll keep praying for you Darlin'. And I'd be thrilled to chat about whatever it is!

    Oh yeah, I found the Last Trumpet site FROM your blog! I haven't had tons of time to hang out there, but I will as soon as Mr. Visionary can do it with me.

    I know that 'empty' feeling you're talking about...there IS more. Remember, Girlie, conviction comes from Father, but that condemnation is from somewhere else. Don't feel guilty unless you are. :) I pray that you'll be blessed by Mike & Sue. Let me know, OK?


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