Saturday, September 1, 2007

All Good Things…Must Come To An End

shabbatIt is bittersweet at the end of the sabbath each week. We are so grateful for a day to rest physically and spiritually, to enjoy sweet fellowship with Father, and to love on each other, that we never want it to end. And yet...there is still a work to do, and we desire to be used.

Until we meet again, dear Shabbat...

Father, strengthen our arms for the days and tasks ahead ~ for your glory.


  1. I love the picture. :) Yes, the end of Shabbat is bittersweet. I can completely understand and wholeheartedly agree with your post today.

    Do you do Havdalah at the end of Shabbat? We have been doing this for several months now. I really enjoy the spices and the joyful "Shavua Tov!" (Have a good week!). My daughter, Miriam, is going to teach me a few dances and one that I would like to learn is to a song that we usually sing at Havdalah. Now that we're "home alone" again, she can have someone to dance with again. :)

    May your new week be blessed and may you be a blessing in this new week!

  2. Lisa~
    The picture is the view off our deck, and the place where we mostly spend the end of Shabbat.

    We haven't done Havdalah yet. I have wondered if it wouldn't make it nicer...the end now is a little dis-jointed.

    Thanks, Lisa. The week is starting out very blessed already. :)

  3. Sombra~
    Thank you so much, Dear. It encourages me that you are blessed by hanging out at my 'place'. I should be able to update this weekend about what we are hearing from Father.
    I appreciate the award and added it to a Page called 'Thanks Ladies'! Love you!

  4. Love the new look!

    BTW, the view from your deck is beautiful.


  5. You have an award! Come see!



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