Thursday, October 18, 2007

On Your Mark…Get Set…Pause!

The word on the street is that we need to slow down a bit with our study. Sounds good to me, too. I have gone through the study before, but really, Mr. Visionary and I were so thirsty the first time that we flew through it in a weekend or two. It is richer this time, as Father has grown my understanding more since then.

We'll pick up with the next lesson on Sunday, October 21. That will give us all time to catch up with the lessons, gather our thoughts and converse and fellowship in the comments. Then, Lord willing, we will try out an every-other-day plan for new lessons. I will post the lesson one day, then we can have that day and the next to allow time for incubation and apperception.

Welcome to the new folks! This break is partially for you, as well, so that you have a chance to get on the same page as us. If you just got here, know that you are welcome to jump in with us at any point, but the lessons are much like mathematics in that each lesson is built on the ones before it.

For the ones wondering what is taking us slow-pokes so long, you can use your extra time to go over this article that Mike and Sue recommend:

The Gospel of the Covenant is the Pilgrimage to Salvation.

P.S. I am putting together a list so that I can pray for all those joining us in the study. If you have not commented, please let us know that you're here, either in the comments or e-mail, so I can pray for you as we walk through this together!


  1. This is great news Julie, I feel much more at ease now!

  2. I read most of that article - pilgrimage to salvation - about a week ago and was blown away. I would go so far as to say it's required reading. I'm hoping to read through it again during Shabbat with my husband. Oh, BTW, my hubby has been really sick with a terribly sore throat that just won't get better...we'd appreciate some prayer if anyone feels so inclined...

  3. Thanks for the slow down...wheww...I needed that!
    Chrissy--so sorry your hubby is not feeling well...we will pray and hope he gets some rest and feels better soon.
    Great idea about reading through that article on Shabbat.

  4. I've started the study and am so glad you've decided to slow it down a bit. Please add me to the prayer list.

  5. Hi Julie,
    I am joining your study through an invitation by Chrissy. Thanks for slowing the study down, I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up!
    Shalom and thankyou,

  6. i'm here! my dh and i are in our early 30s - we're expecting our seventh child in march 08 (i'm from the momys list!) -i just printed out the article and then i'll start printing out the lessons - and commenting :) probably

  7. Julie,

    I've never commented before, although I've loved reading your blog for quite a while!

    My husband and I are excited to (attempt to) go through this study with all of you. We'll see how it goes as we are expecting our 3rd child in 3 weeks.

    Thank you for sharing it with us,


  8. [...] Many of you know that I am participating in the study at Julie’s blog. [...]

  9. Julie and ladies...That Gospel of the Covenant and pilgramage to Salvation was a Hard read for me - hard for my heart to addressed some of the very core issues I have been having with the American Christian System. Thing I had read in the bible that didn't mesh with the gosple that had been preached to me. People all around me lean heavy on Grace, but carefully step around repentance, obedience and obedient trust. My husband is looking at me like I am crazy, rolling his eyes at me...


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