Monday, April 21, 2008

Martyrs, Henty and Matthew 18

Whenever the children come to me wanting to tattle, I encourage them to try to motivate or encourage their sibling to do the right thing, before ever coming to Mom. "Don't jump the gun on the Matthew 18 thing... go through step one before step two." It seems like a good plan most of the time, and often I am pleasantly surprised to see the level of diplomacy with which situations can be resolved by the children without any outside intervention.

However... I'm thinking I should be a bit more specific about what constitutes "motivation".

Spring 2008 033

It appears that our Little Napoleon was refusing to clean his side of the room. An interesting mixture of martyr stories, Henty novels and little boy imaginations.  


  1. Ahhhh HaaaaaHaaaaa!

    Yes...My kids (and husband and I) loved this!

    Hopefully there was no oil involved....

    Indeed, such creative kids....

  2. Too funny! I love kid stuff. The time to slow down and be imaginative. What incredible memories your crew is going to have to tell their children about.

  3. LOL! At first I didn't get it... then I saw the ropes!

  4. LOL Looks like something that Eliezar, Shalom and Reuven would have been found doing not too long ago. But Eliezar being 16 now, he's too "mature" for such things. *rolleyes* Unless DH is involved, then it's safe for him to participate again. If only I would think to take pictures of those moments... I'm so glad you thought quickly enough to catch this on film - for memories.

    Yes, I see quite a bit of Henty imagination there and a little martyrdom thrown in for good measure. LOL I love it!!

  5. I love it! It's so cool to see what children come up with when they have to use their imagination. What great memories too!

  6. LOL! Oh this was funny, I did enjoy it! I called my dh over to share with him...we both were tickled by it...what a great memory!


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