Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Plot Thickens…

I hate to read them at night. I never get a pinch of sleep. Those books with so many twists and turns in the plot that draw you deeper and still deeper into the complex lives of the characters make me edgy. When will their lives settle down into a logical pattern? When can I stop holding my breath as I await the next page? Most importantly, how... oh HOW will I ever keep up with all the author-invented storyline contortions that seem to have no other purpose than to keep my mind busy trying to figure out where this is all going? It can be dizzying.

There is an Author I know whose story lines I deliberately attempt to not try to decipher. I can never guess accurately, and I often waste much time and emotional energy in the figuring. I am not always successful in keeping my mind from "going there" , but I make it a point to get back on the wagon as soon as I am caught in the act of wondering worrying trying to figure Him out. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts and His ways higher than my ways. No question. Just because it is a given doesn't mean I don't forget...

Early in this pregnancy, I wondered aloud about why I was experiencing such a drastic increase in the degree of morning-noon-and-night sickness compared to previous pregnancies. I was out of commission, and it was humbling. I was sure it was Father's way of showing me how much I needed to depend on Him... Every. Moment. Of. Every. Day.

When at fourteen weeks I began having contractions, severe edema and anemia more pronounced than usual, I sensed the need to revamp our daily schedule to accommodate my needing to prop up my feet in the afternoons. I began making dinner after breakfast each day, resting with my preschooler in the afternoons, and going to bed earlier. I've seen this plot line before. YHWH is a God of order, and this was surely the message I was supposed to be getting through my circumstances.

When my fatigue level never lessened as I strolled out of the first trimester, I made myself a homemade prenatal supplement, a daily chart as a checklist of all the nutritional bases I needed to cover in a day, and bribed encouraged the children to help me make sure I was getting in enough fluids. "Hey, you guys... we get a quarter every time we bring Mom her drink and get her to drink some!" Without a doubt, being purposeful was the name of the game and the lesson. I could read the hand writing on the wall.

When my belly was outgrowing the clothes that normally fit during this season of pregnancy, I dutifully got out my sewing machine and made a few things that would last longer. I began praying for an increase of the fruit of the Spirit to be manifest in my life, because the idea that self control was lacking in my diet occurred to me to be the lesson I was supposed to learn from this particular plot curve ball. This plot deciphering was getting easier and more predictable as I went along.

Sometimes when reading an author's story, I can jump ahead of them and guess what is coming next. It is a bit of a game to see if I am right. I had this whole thing figured out, I was sure. YHWH was trying to use all these object lessons to teach me and to mold my character in to the woman He desired me to be. Although all these object lessons could be accurate and could technically be a partial reason for each of the symptoms I experienced, let the record show that YHWH is not to be put into a box.

Here is what I found out in this season:

Because YHWH is unchanging does not mean that He is predictable...


I am expecting twins.


  1. I thought you were leading up to twins! You are twice blessed.
    Many blessings on your special pregnancy.

  2. I expected the boys to be jumping, yelling etc. what I got was different....I think they call it awe...accompanied by great big smiles.
    Love from all of us,

  3. Woo hoo, Julie! Congratulations all over again. A fruitful vine indeed :) Are you excited?

    ~ Beth

  4. You are so blessed!!! :) I suspected multiples was what you were carrying as I was reading. :) Congratulations to you, Mr Visionary and your wonderful children. I'm excited for you, and trying not to be jealous.


  5. Congratulations! As the mother of 3 month old twin boys, i know well the excitement and also the feeling of panic that wants to knock on your door. You are in for a wonderful and challenging ride!

  6. I measured this morning, 26cm at 26 weeks.. . Some parts of me are very thankful, and a small part of me is longing with loneliness.. because I lost twins in the pg before this one.

    May God truly bless you as you carry, birth and raise these sweet babies. Praise God for your opportunities to rest!

  7. Wow. That is just wonderful. How exciting!! Now I want to know... boys or girls or both??

    I knew that when you were very sick, it was probably a good sign. It means your hormones are running high just like they should be.

    I have been reading your site lately. It is nice to meet you. What great news!

    God (the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, who was One with Jesus!!) bless you!


  8. How WONDERFUL!!

    What a tremendous blessing.

    Congratulations. :-)

  9. I am soooo happy for you!!! Wow!!! I could dance!

    I want to let you know that your news postings are of GREAT interest to me and I don't know how you get them all, but I REALLY benefit from them and pass them along! Thank you!!!


  10. OOOHHH! Twins- how exciting!!!!
    I am SOOO excited for you.


    I had a pretty good idea where this post was going. I'll be so excited to follow along as you share about your twin pregnancy and childbirth! BTW, if you haven't been there already, twins magazine (google twins forum) has a very informative support group/forum for moms expecting twins.
    I am so happy for you!

  11. That is just too cool!

  12. Wow, congratulations! Take it easy when you can.

  13. Praise Yeshua!

  14. WOW, how exciting for your and your family. As I was reading your post and comments I was reminded of the Holy Scriptures in Deuteronomy 28 about blessings for obedience verse 4..."The fruit of your womb will be blessed" are truly blessed and a such a blessing to me and others :)
    Keep those feet propped up :)

  15. How awesome is the Lord most High!

  16. Oh Julie, it's wonderful!! I always wanted twins but was never blessed with them. We are so happy for Ya'll! I just started baby sitting 2 month old twins about a month ago. It's a boy and a girl. They are such a joy! You go girl, if anyone I know can handle it, you can! You are truly blessed by our Father.

    I knew where your post was going while I was reading it and I just started weeping. You and your babies will be in my prayers!

  17. Congratulations Julie! I am so happy for you and your family. What a wonderful Lord we serve.


  18. Yeaa

    How wonderful!!!

    Twins----what a double blessing!!

  19. Oh, I love it!! I for one did NOT see what you were leading up to with this post. What a hoot! :)


  20. Congratulations!! Twins are a special gift from YHVH. :-)

    I had unexpected twins during my second pregnancy (found out right before delivery)... so you are blessed to have some time to prepare.

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! I so enjoyed reading your announcement!

  22. How wonderful!
    My twin girls are 2 years old now! It's quite an adventure!
    Take extra special care of yourself through this pregnancy.

  23. I didn't see it coming either- and gasped in delight! Praise the Lord!

  24. How very very wonderful! I have always thought twins would be a blast!

    Congratulations and many blessings!!


  25. Wow!! Congrats! Wow! (Im sure you say that alot) Blessings...

  26. OH MY!! Congratulations...and no wonder you have been so tired, etc!!

    Chag Sameach Pesach too!!

  27. Julie...congratulations! I will be praying for you. There is a lady in our church who is expecting twins as well in a couple months. Doubly blessed....hang in there and get as much rest as you can!

    I so enjoy your blog, are a blessing!

  28. Hi Julie - haven't been here in a while... congratulations! That is blessed news!

    Again congratulations and praise the Lord for the twins! I feel like I'm having twins, but I'm not - just HUGE at 32 weeks! :)


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