Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tabernacling Fun!

We are in the midst of the biblical Feast of Tabernacles, and have been sharing with friends some photos of our celebrations! We wanted to share with you as well, and invite you to share stories of your celebrations on your blog or in the comments below. If you post about this, please add pictures if you can, and post a link below! This feast lasts for seven days, plus a bonus eighth day, so even if you had wanted to do something for this, and have not, there is still time! I encourage you to go out and put up a sukkah (tabernacle) and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather with the children!

I'll not post about the details of what the Feast of Tabernacles (also called Sukkot or the Feast of Booths) is all about, because Lisa has already done such a great job of all that. But,  if you have ever thought:
~Why would a Christian want to celebrate those "Jewish" holidays? (hint: the Scriptures call them Yahweh's holy days)

~that Pentecost originated in the book of Acts (hint: Pentecost is the Greek name of an already established biblical feast on which exact day the Holy Spirit came)

~that Yeshua (Jesus) spoke of Living Water in an isolated incident (hint: it happened during the Feast of Tabernacles water pouring ceremony)

~or wondered what activities you could do to help your children (or yourself) understand end-times prophecy(hint: Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled all the Spring feasts during His first coming on the exact days of the feasts, and the Fall feasts prophecy His second coming in detail)

then you would benefit from studying the biblical Feasts.

Our home group has planned to be together five times during this week long celebration. Our first gathering was yesterday, and here are some shots of our get together, including my girlfriend's sukkah.

Sukkot 2008 251

Some of the ladies listening intently to some teaching. There is nothing like praying, worshipping and sharing around a campfire.

Sukkot 2008 255

That's Mr. Visionary in the cowboy hat with Babydoll in his lap, and the Engineer in the black sweatshirt.

Sukkot 2008 257

The "worship team" having a fun moment.

Sukkot 2008 258

My girlfriend's sukkah ~ with a woman's touch... so pretty.

At our house, we did not build a "traditional" sukkah, but instead, relied on the Strong's definition of Sukkah, which included the word "tent". Erected on the deck, high above the ground because of my irrational fear motherly concern about the bear, the kids call this our Sukkah City:

Sukkot 2008 229

Oops...I didn't get the hanging leaves and gourds above the tent in the picture.

Sukkot 2008 231

***I think the boys win the "Best Decorated Sukkah" award.***

We sleep in our tents all week, and if we had a larger sukkah, we'd eat in it all week. A quick trip to the dollar store helped us get supplies for decorating our sukkot. We have a Mom, Dad and twins tent, a girl tent, and a boy tent.  Mr. Visionary was glad he did not witness the kids and I folding our king sized (real bed) mattress in half to squeeze it into our tent. If you have never wrestled a mattress with your kids, I highly recommend it... it was a hoot. I can not figure out why Mr. Visionary rolled his eyes at me. It is not that I am a sissy... I did this for the twins. Really.

So anyway, post about your celebrations, and leave us a link! It will be fun to go on a Sukkah Tour!


  1. I love your idea, Julie! Early on when we began to keep the feasts I really cherished pictures of others celebrating and stories of what they did and how. I wanted to know *how* to do these things. This will be a GREAT resource for so many people!

    Here is a link to our latest Sukkot entry, and thank you for considering my other entry worthy of your recommendation. *blush*

    I did also participate in a thread at the Our Hebrew Roots forum that discussed decorating ideas and various projects and ways to make the week more enjoyable. That link is here:

    I love the ladies succah, just beautiful! Our weather is much better than last year but still very wet, windy and cold. We intend to sleep in our succah on a night when it doesn't rain. :) There's bound to be at least one night it doesn't rain...

    I'm excited to hear about how others celebrate! It'll be like a "virtual Sukkot party"!

  2. Our first sukkot... this was so much fun to build!
    at night:

    and in the morning:

    Our weather is nice now, but we often get strong winds, we willbe very fortunate if our sukkot doesn't blow away.

    It is actually made from cardboard and shade cloth, but it is full of love!

    We are having fun playing bible trivia games in our sukkot.

  3. Thank you for you post. I am new to your blog and have really enjoyed it. Do you have any books to recommend for studying the Biblical Feasts? My husband and I are definitely wanting to do this. I currently have Celebrating Biblical Feasts by Martha Zimmerman and The Fall Feasts of Israel by Mitch and Zhava Glaser. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

  4. Laura~
    Welcome! One of our favorite resources for studying and learning fun and meaningful ways to celebrate the biblical feasts is Robin Sampson's book, A Family Guide To The Biblical Holidays. Most of my friends and I call it the big purple book, as it is 585 a telephone book! I bet you'd really enjoy it. It is a little pricier than most books, but well worth it... it has several books worth of content.

    May Yah bless your desire to study His appointed times!

  5. I enjoy your blog and wanted to share our pictures of Sukkot with you. It' is lovely to read about others. Chag Sameach!

  6. Here's a link to Amy's Sukkkot over at Blessed Motherhood.

    You'll love what they "took back" from the Halloweeners! Hee Hee...

  7. Thanks everyone for sharing!

    This is our first year celebrating the Feasts. I put a picture of our sukkah on my blog. We have been eating our meals and having our study in it. No one was ready to put up tents and sleep outside, but that's okay. My husband has been slowly warming to my "new direction" toward Torah, so I'm thrilled he is open to celebrating and learning :-)

  8. This is our first year learning about Sukkot. I wrote about our sukkah here:
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. I heard about y'alls celebration from mutual friends, really wanted to join you Saturday and tonight, but we already have plans. Plus- it's so horribly far! (agh)
    I do have my license now tho. So maybe we'll come to the next feast day celebration.
    Hope you all enjoyed the T family.
    I know I do. ;-)

    We joined the S family in their Sukkah last Wednesday night and had a blast sharing, singing, and fellowshipping. Dad says we plan on building a sukkah next year. We haven't done that in ages! I'm really excited.
    Hope to see you all sometime soon, I may come with the W family some Saturday.
    Blessings in Yeshua

  10. Ha Ha on the mattress thing! I can see it! (I would do the same....) :)

    You are quite the woman, Julie!

  11. Hi Julie. I followed your link here from Hebrew Roots. I love your sukkot. How I wish I had friends around here who celebrated these things that I could learn from them in real life. Where are you that a black bear came ambling through your yard? We had such a visitor plus two cubs last spring here too.


  12. What fun and what gorgeous sukkahs! I haven't managed to find the time to blog about or Feast festivities... We do have so much in common, I need to get over here more often! I just figured out how to use an RSS feed and have subscribed to your blog now, so that should help me keep up with you and yours better.
    Shabbat Shalom!


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