Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Invaded By What?

We've been invaded. Although only having arrived three days ago, they have migrated into every room of our home. There is no escaping their presence. Apparently they have some bizarre type of mind-controlling powers as well. The children and I have been able to think of nothing else since they came.

The worst part is that I have brought this phenomenon on myself. I courted them and chose them out of thousands of others. I even paid money for them. To top it off, I chaufferred them home in my own vehicle.

What has become of us?

These visitors go by many names. The ones that have come to us go by names like: Saxon Math 54, Saxon Math 65, Writing Strands, maps, atlases, markers, graphs, etc.

Even with out that crispness and "new book smell" (praise God for used curriculum sales), they have a certain kind of hold on us, and it appears they are here to stay.


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