Friday, June 16, 2006

So Ugly They’re Cute

***Introducing our guest blogger: The Flower Child.***


Once I had six guineas who were chicks when I got them. I held them a lot. They were very cute!

I kept them in a big box, and gave them food and water every day. I think they were happy. I was, too.

But one day I was sad because my little brother snuck into the room where I kept them. He picked one up by the neck and it died. I was so sad that I made a coffin out of craft sticks. I buried it in a deep hole and put flowers on it.

All of my guineas have died except two. How one of my guineas died was a huge black snake came into its coop. The black snake killed it, but did not eat it yet. There was a tiny door which I stuck my head in to check on them. One good look was enough for me!

I ran to the house to tell Mom. She killed the black snake with a rifle. Here is a picture of the snake (dead of course) along with my brothers and sisters:



This is after we dissected it. We didn't find any guineas in his belly.


The two guineas that I still have are both girls, and we get two pretty guinea eggs every day except Sunday.


Here is a picture of them in the rain:


Wet Guineas

They really are so ugly that they are cute. Especially when soggy.

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