Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Little Self-Discipline


The List of Reasons:

~When Father is teaching me new things, it sometimes takes a while for it to filter through to a place that I can speak about it. I have to digest the new understandings before I can explain them to anyone else. This is the place where I am finding myself about our recent time with the Wallers, and I can't yet tell about all that I learned.

~Even though we school year-round, we begin anew toward the end of summer each year. A fresh start with new books, new pencils, new schedules, and new disciplines for us all to walk in are always a part of the plan. It is that time now.

~I have many projects to get done before Mr. Visionary leaves for Israel. His trip has been rescheduled, and he will be leaving a month earlier than originally planned.The good news is that he will now be home to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles with our family. The bad news is, I have less time to get the list of projects done before he leaves.

~I have discovered that I am more of a slacker than I imagined myself to be. (gasp) Me, the woman who often wonders how others have TIME to be on the computer, has found herself completely caught up on her MOMYS digests for several weeks now. That is always a sign that I have been spending too much time at the keyboard. (grin)

~My friend Carla's talk of
being away from her computer for a season inspired me.

~I also use this season before the Fall Biblical holidays to take stock of all the relationships in my life, with friends and family, sure, but also, and especially...with Father. The month before the Feast of Trumpets has traditionally been a time of evaluating and repentance...and I have a lot of letters to write.

              All of this is to explain why I am feeling led to take a 30-day sabbatical/fast from the computer, among other things. I am entering a season that requires my complete attention and focus, so I am cutting out anything superfluous to my main goals in this season. Since Father brought this up with me about a week ago, I have been frantically getting my computer business done, cleaning out my Inbox completely, getting all the last school books ordered, buying presents for the several birthdays that are coming up in the next few weeks, and printing out the lessons from my online bible study.

              Although I have gone a month without posting before, I am telling you ahead of time...this time. Hopefully when I return I will be refreshed and ready to pour out some of what Father has been pouring into my heart, because one can't drink from a fire hydrant without it splashing on others...

              Especially when drinking from the water of life.


              1. Enjoy your sabbatical - I pray it will be a productive time for you. I've been perusing your blog for about a month now and this will give me time to "catch up" with you! :-)
                May Yahweh bless you as you take your rest in Him.

              2. May you be blessed and refreshed as you "be still and know". :) May He bless you and your house abundantly and may your DH's trip be safe, enlightening, and productive. May your family be safe, encouraged, and united as he is away.

                You are a blessing.

                p.s. I've been online too much and neglecting some important work around here too...

              3. Have a great Sabbatical! It was so funny to read your entry this morning, because I had just sent off an email to one of my yahoo groups saying that I was going no mail because I felt God wanted me to... I have been feeling for a while now that I need to take some time away from the computer, but I have been resisting! I'm not brave enough to completely do without the computer like you, but I might work myself up to it!
                Good on you for taking the time to do this and I pray that it will be a blessing to you and your family.



              4. Will miss you, but understand. And yes (in answer to previous comment section) will be happy to pray for you. Bless you and yours!!

              5. Shalom Julie & Family.

                I'll be looking forward to hearing of your time with the Waller family and your upcoming plans.
                I pray that you will have all the support you need while Mr. V. is in Israel and that he will be home before you and the children know it.

                Yahweh bless and keep you.

              6. I know exactly what you are talking about. I too,
                do this periodically. I hope you have a refreshing
                month and know that you will be deeply missed.

              7. A time away from the computer would really benefit my about now.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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