Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why I’ve Been Scarce

I've been busy for a while, and haven't posted, but I do have a good excuse. We were getting ready for a yard sale, then preparing for the Wallers' coming to our house ~ cooking ahead, moving furniture, etc. After they left, we followed them to another town and stayed in their bus for a few more days.
The whirlwind is beginning to settle ~ finally. Although I expect that it will only begin again after we process all that we learned and heard this week. We spent five days with the Wallers, and haven't had time to digest for ourselves, much less share with each other, all that has transpired in our hearts. I'm sure that I'll be sharing some of this soon.

I'll leave you with a few pictures while we go through debriefing here.
Waller Visit 7.11.2007 001

The children read books...

Waller Visit 7.11.2007 050

Even Mr. Visionary and I played ~

and almost saw Mom's lunch a second time due to a certain person spinning the swing (grin)...

Waller Visit 7.11.2007 020

The boys built a new fort...

Waller Visit 7.11.2007 009

And we ate..and ate...and ate...

I'll be back! I really have so much to share!


  1. I'm so glad you're back. I missed you and was wondering.. can't wait to hear about the Wallers...... and about what you think you'll be doing in the future.

  2. exciting...will be checking in from time to time to see what you share next...your time recently sounds so wonderful!! Just to fellowship with others of like minds. And today we see that Americans are advised NOT to go to Israel right now. But the FATHER knows the timing that is best for all of us longing to go HOME!! I have been having dreams, unusual for me to even remember I dreamed, much less what it consisted writing them down. Main message for now: prepare. The HOW is the hard part...but we can just do what we feel led to do, bit by bit...we are only given 24 hours a day and are human with limitations in strength. But so much new and good learning this Sabbath...still trying to process all that too. Blessings on you all!!

  3. oldpathsfamilyfarmJuly 16, 2007 at 5:42 AM

    Sombra ~
    Thanks for checking in. Our plans will revolve around 2008 being a sabbath year for the Land. I'll let you know more as soon as I can.

    Elizabeth ~
    That's the main message we're getting now, too. Prepare. Isn't it funny how an hour's worth of hearing can take days and weeks (or more) of processing?

  4. I love the pictures!! I was praying and from the sounds of it, my prayers were more than answered! I can't wait to hear more.


  5. oldpathsfamilyfarmJuly 17, 2007 at 6:13 PM

    Lisa ~

    You just don't know how much it means to me that you were praying! Thank you, my friend. :)

  6. I have been praying for you too.

    I've missed you!

  7. oldpathsfamilyfarmJuly 20, 2007 at 5:35 AM

    Holly ~

    Thank you, Darlin'. I knew you would be ~ you're faithful like that. :) (Pun intended ~ he he he) Love you!

  8. Julie,
    I love the colors of your walls -- could you share the color and brand?? Thanks!


  9. oldpathsfamilyfarmJuly 20, 2007 at 10:18 AM

    Sure...Mr. Visionary picked out the colors.

    Lowes American Tradition brand-
    Smoky Olive # 6001-2B
    Gliman Rose # 1008-8A

    The pink color in real life isn't nearly as much like Pepto Bismol as it looks like on the's a little more brownish.


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