Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cubby Holes

We recently have acquired an Indoor Village in the kitchen, courtesy of Mr. Visionary's installing new cabinets. When I was unable to locate several of the older children this afternoon, I found them cozied up inside working on assignments.

Fall 2007 156

Fall 2007 155

Fall 2007 157

So, is this "school"? Umm...an emphatic, "No". (At least it isn't like anything I ever saw in a classroom.)

Is it learning? Yeah, Buddy...and I think the boxes just justified their existence in my kitchen.


  1. well more power to them! I'd have no objections, except for the lighting in the blanketed box..lol

  2. That's awesome. Do they come in grown-up sizes? :-)

  3. Very funny, so my son is not the only one that would do that! Happy New Year from Ireland!


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